Education was the last thing they focused on. Unbelievable lol. #shorts #makeup #shortsfeed #eyes

14 thoughts on “Education was the last thing they focused on. Unbelievable lol. #shorts #makeup #shortsfeed #eyes

  1. Yeah cause apparently, a woman is “only good for sex, kids, and household chores” 🙄 disgusting. We’re half the population but we are treated like trash. Too bad countries around the world still practice this mindset. Female discrimination is still widely accepted and normalised in every country, its esp worse if youre from a poor family.

  2. That’s how my old “Christian” school was, they sat you in little cubicles, put a computer in front of you, and you had to teach yourself with what you had! it was terrible I could never pay attention

  3. They really set you guys up for failure 😢 education is so important; the ONE reliable way so many people have been able to turn their lives around. Absolutely awful.

  4. God this reminds me of Apex i took for a couple days(literally bc i begged to leave) up until the hotel and cooking part. I have diagnosed Adhd and couldnt learn at all in that environment and it was just about torture for me, and i teared up in “class” just waiting for the time to end. There was just no way to learn in a theater room with laptops on our lap, and no teacher to help. Couldnt even get up and move around. For 3-6 hrs depending on if you finish early, which you never will. I doubt anyone thrived in that class, not even with their friends, where they werent allowed to speak at all. No noise, just speaky asf theater chairs, and the sound of keyboard clicking. Dont even think about asking for help from anyone else like your counselor bc it was VERY experimental and no one knew a damn thing about how to help you. I broke down easily after 2 and a half days.

  5. Hey, I’m in New Zealand so don’t have the view/buy product feature! Could someone please give a girl the link to this palette?!

  6. Tbh I want the staff and “teacher’s” side like what was going through your head? yUp tHiS iS So nOrMaL

  7. Ok now I’m getting real mad 💢 did Ur parents pay for this!!? How old were you!? This is actual bs

  8. How did your parents even find this place or convinced to send you and your sister there.
    What parent makes a decision for there children with out reading the contract.

  9. Sorry for another question, I believe you said your parents didn’t know what was going on at that “school”.
    When you got out, did your parents believe you about what happened there? Did you wait for a bit to tell them? Was there a certain point, event, story etc that they finally did believe you and all that happened?

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