Jordan Peterson REJECTS WOKE Re-Education Camp Sentence For Transphobic Posts & Criticizing Trudeau!

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18 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson REJECTS WOKE Re-Education Camp Sentence For Transphobic Posts & Criticizing Trudeau!

  1. What are yall’s thoughts the College of Psychologists of Ontario threatening to remove Dr. Jordan Peterson’s license if he doesn’t participate in re-education program?!

    1. Peterson needs to move to Florida or Texas where he would be appreciated. Reeducation camp is like communist China. But I hope he stays and fights and forces their hand

    2. My opinion..its disgusting, and it highlights what we already know about what the outrage mob is…modern day brownshirts (and if they could put Dr. Peterson against the executioners’ post, they would )

  2. This is a slippery slope the people that are complaining about Peterson will say something someone else doesn’t like and then they get targeted

  3. Jordon has only caved once when interviewing Hijab…i think Hijab had an ejector seat button during the interview

  4. America is the last place that still technically has free speech. You can go to jail for mischendering somebody online in Canada England Germany France and Australia. You can go to jail if you’re not a news organization approved by the government in England. You’re not allowed to criticize anything in New Zealand that’s a government has done. They literally just banned all guns. They call them assault rifles but they put handguns in there as well

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