Re-Education Camp for Jordan Peterson! WTF?

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15 thoughts on “Re-Education Camp for Jordan Peterson! WTF?

  1. It’s very narcissistic for Jordan Peterson to claim that he represents freedom of speech for the Countries of Canada and the United States. Jordan Peterson has had many complaints against him filed to the College of Psychology from many individuals. As a licensed Psychologist in Canada there is the obligation of professional conduct and best practices for his profession. It is our freedom in Canada to file complaints against medical professionals when they indulge themselves in harmful conduct. The College of Psychology carefully investigates each complaint, and they protect the Psychologists in that they are innocent until proven guilty. One complaint against Jordan Peterson is that he used his fame to defame a Sports Illustrated model named Yumi stating that she was ” not beautiful ” Yumi is the average weight of most healthy women in the developed world. Jordan Peterson maintains a low Body Mass Index by an all beef diet that he speaks about and therefore promotes. One could argue that Yumi is healthy and question Jordan Petersons dietary habits because Jordan’s vitamins and minerals are compromised by his diet. Since health is beautiful I would challenge Petersons beauty. Peterson also has a complaint filed against him by telling a person to that he could leave this earth, implying suicide. The latest was a re tweet calling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a puppet. Social Media is known for disrespectful communication. As a Psychologist Jordan Peterson is held to a standard of conduct that promotes mental health. If he practiced what he lectures on, Jordan would examine himself, submit to re education, and improve. His ego is stirring the pot.

  2. So when Canada strips him of the title, he should demand that they respect his chosen pronoun, “doctor“.

  3. Stand with Jordan Peterson
    Wed Jan 11th 12:00 noon
    College of Psychologists in Toronto
    110 Eglington Ave West
    Speaker,s, Comedian & more.

  4. I hope he goes in there sits in front of them and says ok you tell me where I’m wrong I would love to see that

  5. Luckily, he is in a very unique position where he doesn’t have to bend over, but how many of us can afford to do the same?

  6. This is a very important stand for Jordan Peterson to take. With the amount he is now making from his books and appearances, he certainly doesn’t need his license anymore, but what of those whose livelihood is dependent on it? They can’t afford to not tow the line, he is doing it for them, for all of us really!

  7. I’m glad I never had kids. I can die on my freedom hill with a good heart. I don’t have to comply for anybody’s sake.

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