The Dark Side of the Education System

The Dark Side of the Education System is a fascinating and informative video that delves into the little-known history of public education. Starting in 19th-century reform movement, we uncover what the real motivation was to get the public school system started. This video explores the complex and controversial origins of the major players that shaped our system to what it is today. You won’t want to miss this one! Link to sources: Interested in Real Estate Investing? Learn to acquire rental properties as an active investor: Learn about getting involved as a passive investor: [email protected] Video Credit: Chief Producer: Nick Redding Writer: Sam Kwak Writer: Daniel Kwak Writer: Brandon Rowell Editor : Jonathan Alipio 📧 Get Our FREE Real Estate Investing Courses… (How to find deals, Free Book, Owner Financing and More): ⌨️ FREE 7 Day Trial To PropStream Real Estate Investing Software: 📊 Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years (On Average): 📗 Get Our Book & Free Course: “Break Free From Your Mortgage” 📘 Get Our FREE Book “0 To 75 Units in 1 Year” ======================== —DISCLAIMER— The suggestions, advice, and/or opinions that are given by Sam Kwak and Daniel Kwak (The Kwak Brothers) are simply opinions. There are no guarantees of set outcomes. Listeners, guests, and attendees are advised to always consult with attorneys, accountants, and other licensed professionals when doing a real estate investment transaction. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to hold The Kwak Brothers and its brand harmless from any liabilities and claims. Not all deals will guarantee any profit or benefits. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to view and listen to all materials and contents furnished by the Kwak Brothers as a perspective based upon experience.

31 thoughts on “The Dark Side of the Education System

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  2. I had to quit my Catholic high school when I was 15 and realized my teachers were psychopaths supporting an idea to tear down the dome of the rock and build a supposed 3rd temple of Solomon with the hope of welcoming a new Jerusalem space cube full of aliens 👽

  3. You guys are really amazing!
    I appreciate your work a alot and how you are spreading the truth without fear.
    Fantastic work brothers ❤❤❤👊👊👊👏👏👏💪💪💪🙌🙌🙌

  4. Kwak Bros, My KNEEGROWS! You gentlemen really hit a sweet spot with this one. Kept it simple & obtuse just enough that the Ave. Joe S. can still handle it. Better you also cracked open windows into other aspects of this whole NWO steamer. Thanks for publishing guys!

  5. You should watch a documentary called “children on amphetimine.” It goes into detail on exactly everything you were saying, but it goes sooooooo much deeper than you had time for 😉

  6. Ok, I subscribe to Academy of Ideas and that channel addressed the education fiasco, but your channel included other involvements. Interesting.

  7. U.S. PUBLIC EDUCATION is actually “government indoctrination” – producing “worker bees” to keep ‘the system” going.
    Compared to other nations, American students are virtually IGNORANT of world history, and moreover – HOW TO THINK.
    In American education, memorizing dates & regurgitating facts is paramount – creating BRAINLESS DRONES.

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