The Truth About Bihar’s Education Crisis

Guaranteed job in Data analyst :- Use code :- “MOHAK0” for 20% fee discount Only for first 150 applications -Exclusive Republic day benefits Do you remember the Bihar toppergate scandal when the state toppers made national news for all the wrong reasons? One year later, another scandal hit Bihar’s education system as two in every three students failed to pass the 12th Board exams. While these instances might seem funny from the outside, they are stark examples of everything that is wrong with the education system in Bihar. Ultimately, it’s the students whose careers are jeopardized. Bihar’s education system is beset by corruption and presided over by what is known as “Bihar’s education mafia”. In this video, we discuss how Bihar allowed its education levels to stoop to such levels, and what can be done about it now. ****** Sources: ****** Research: Mohit Priyadarshi: Editing: CharanTej: Channel Manager : Ajeesh Babu: Thumbnail : Aanchal verma: Want to work with us? Check this link! ****** Liked the background music? I use Epidemic Sound. You can get a 30-day free trial using this referral: ****** 🗳Support on Patreon: 👾Discord: 🐦Twitter: 📷Instagram: 👤Facebook: ****** Playlists 🇮🇳Indian Society: 🗺Geopolitics and Foreign Affairs: 🧍🏽‍♀️Issues of a Young Indian: 💰Economy: 🗳Indian Politics: 🇮🇳 Discoveries of India: 📈Money, Stocks, and Crypto: ****** Creative commons: Unsplash Flaticon Freepik Videvo ****** Markers 00:00 Introduction 00:56 The Government’s Rationale 01:54 What’s Happening? 02:00 Bihar’s Education Mafia 02:44 A Brief History 06:31 Incompetent Evaluation 07:40 What Has the Government Done? 08:18 Current problems 09:10 Consequences on Learning 10:09 Solutions

21 thoughts on “The Truth About Bihar’s Education Crisis

  1. I am from Bihar, here people buy jobs(engineering seat to the peon) and degrees ( every job has a price even Central gov jobs ) – corruption babu bhaiya

  2. There r bigger education Mafia involved in BPSC recruitment.
    And whole system is there to protect them.
    Last year BPSC 67th PT questions got viral on social media before exam.
    64th,65th,66th BPSC recruitment and all other recruitment are just there for 💰 money 💸 making instruments for Mafia politician and higher officer.
    They tuk heavy amount for different post and sold almost 70 to 80% sit.
    Not only that the exam controller who may be culprit got DM post and was hence promoted.
    So BIG problem.
    Education Mafia business is more than 10000crore business.
    So nothing can be done.
    They are everywhere.

  3. mohak sir imagine krte hair na yeh video aap kis aur state ke liye banale ikna asaan h na bihar ke education system p unglue uthana there is corruption bohot h pr u don’t know the real Bihar kabhi Bihar ke rich culture ki toh video nhi banayi apne…. stop getting views from these shits we also have a village of iitians and nitian and u wanna Bihar then move to Bihar koi funding kuch nhi sbse km Dhyan dene wala state by government toh kahan se hoga aur stop these non sense pls for the sake of views u don’t even know what Bihar is Bihar is contributing for this world no is ready to contribute in Bihar and in Bihar’s condition stop these nonsense pls pls pls…..aur bhi bolna h its non sense video ke like pr haan aaplogon toh bss topic chahiye khakeee yeh who aur bhi bohot state Jahan uses bade bade Gunde hue hain wahan ke upr bna ke dikhao na video tb malum prega social issue hoga social issue ….nonsense dukh huh I genuinely supports u but this type nope…….

    1. maths question nhi solve kr paate … hahah baithiye kabhi differential integral calculus p aapko batate hain bihar ke bache kya hainnn ya baithiye coordinate p maths hum jaane hi jaate h apne maths k liye batayeeee jaarraaa inko ek topic kya mil jata hai pure state ki aisi tessi kr dete h

  4. Aap ne sari khamiya bta di par itni buri istithi h to har ek government sector me mostly bihari q bhare h kya UPSC jaisi sanstha bhi corrupted h

  5. I have studied 10 in UP board and then 12th in Odisha board, it’s also depends on which school you go because in my schools the teachers were good and we had strict policy about classes and exams .

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