Trendy Instagram & TIKTOK 3D Rose 🌹 Suzie is the Student • 1st Try!

I create 3D Inlay Roses with Gel for my 1st time. Learn with me as I experiment with this trendy design. My ‘Glass Nails’ Clear Sculpting Gel is available to everyone, both DIY’s and Pro’s! 😀 I have many other great nail products in my online store👏 Products Featured in this video: GEL POLISH #001-#229 Follow me on my social media: Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video! 00.01 Marnie by Alex Arcoleo ✫ 01.10 All Was Well by Matt Nasir ✫ 03.51 Life Of Riley by Terry Devine-King ✫ 05.29 Juna by Alex Arcoleo | Nick Kingswell ✫ 07.09 Auld Lang Syne Arr Helen Jane Long ✫ 08.04 Not A Care In The World by Matt Nasir ✫ 10.38 Walk Don’t Run by Neil Sidwell ✫ 11.51 We Collide by Christopher Ikechukwu ✫ 13.36 Expressions by Terry Devine-King ✫ 15.28 Neo by Brent Wood ▵ 17.37 Juna by Alex Arcoleo | Nick Kingswell ✫ 20.09 Evergreen Fields by Tape Machines □ 23.17 Middlemist by Valante □ 24.53 Marnie by Alex Arcoleo ✫ Music Licensed Courtesy of: ✫ Audio Network Canada Inc. □ Epidemic Sound ▵ Soundstripe ➤ Cameraman edits with Final Cut Pro, and uses Logic Pro, Native Instruments, UJam and Output for sound and music design

17 thoughts on “Trendy Instagram & TIKTOK 3D Rose 🌹 Suzie is the Student • 1st Try!

  1. Loveee the colors!

    Susie I’m getting so good at acrylic! My family and friends say it looks like the salon!! That’s all thanks to you!!!

  2. I know you were not happy with this technique but you know nothing stops you from trying! And that is what makes you one of the best nail tech and teach on YouTube! I would love to see you do this rose in rainbow!

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t do this with acrylic. It was nice to see it done with a different medium. Very beautiful. 💜 Thank you for sharing! 🥰

  4. I loved your colour scheme they look amazing!! So much talent 💗💗 I love your videos your just so fun and inspiring 💗💗

  5. Happy New Year that is cool thank you so much for trying that and showing us how to do it properly bot as I was watching all I couldn’t stop thinking OMG the amount of product used for one nail what if someone wants that on all 10 fingers 🙀lol.

  6. that looks beautiful but so difficult to do 🙁 i dont even know how my gel works fully yet XD i might try it after enough learning though! because the result is worth it!

  7. While this is pretty, I could easily see myself with a huge blob that more resembles “polish mountain” than a flower.

  8. I love the look of this. Its incredibly satisfying, filing to reveal the flower; but oh so time consuming to create. Blue is my favorite colour. I’ve tried this, on display tips; but not yet on my own nails. I’m thinking, for my valentines set in shades of magenta to pink 💗
    I really like the green one you did.

  9. You’ve talked about 2 mistakes, But i saw at least 8 !!!
    – Form – didn’t put it close to the nail sides, lots of the gels got to the skin – meaning allergies!
    – After putting the form, you had to to apply the polygel and not sculpting gel, light thin and sculp the shape of the nail, 1mm from the cuticle and make an russian/modern almond
    – Putting tiny dot of color cure for 30 sec, the next color has to be ONLY on the sides and put gel ONLY on the side and not the whole thing.
    – Make the 60/40 rule: 60 flower / 40 franch, that how it will work and stay for a long time.

    Your mistakes:
    1. form wrong
    2. apply only on the plate not on the form as well
    3. didn’t measured the petals, made them on the left side – the illusion lost.
    4. petals are too close to each other – because you apply gel too close too thin/
    5. you had a clear gap – it’s not because you apply less polish gel – it’s Because you didn’t put a sculpting gel as a base and then the nail polish, holes and lack of opacity were created, which created an “empty” layer.
    6. didn’t apply the final gel from the cuticle – made another gap, tried to cover it with polish and top – but because of the differences between hard/soft/sculpture gel, after applying the top you can see it’s uneven!
    7. you’re using the wrong material – Polygel, not gel that spread all over.
    8. filing – hand file first: shaping the nail and after that you e-file the rest.

  10. Hi, Suzy, Suzy your videos are fantastic and you give a lot of tips and solutions but this brilliant creation looks like an eye on your nails when you said that it was a rose I tried very hard to see that but I am sorry it still looks like an eye Happy New Year to you and cameraman and looking forward to seeing more creations throughout the year ♥️♥️🙏

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